Which Society Attracts You?

We meet with different kind of people in our daily life. Some people attracts us so much that we want to be friends with them. We love hanging out with them, a bond is created with them, even our mindset is on the same level, we know each other well and these people are the one who become our best friends and we start feeling comfortable around them.

While some people have a good mindset, there mind vibes are good but still you are just friends with them because the of your minds do not match with each other as it matches with your best friends or people close to you.

Sometimes to you are around the people who you do not like because the mental scenarios and your thoughts do not match with each other. You start feeling insecure and awkward. You try to get away from them as soon as you can.

The attraction towards other is because of the magnetic waves produced by your brain (It is scientifically proven that your brain emits special kind of waves that creates your aura), these waves are actually your feelings and thoughts. Whatever your feelings and thoughts are, you create, that has an impact of yours on others.

So if you want to have a good impact on the others you need to keep your feelings and thoughts positive and happy, so that if a person comes to you he/she shall feel a good vibe and wants to be friends with you.