A human being thinks of three time periods in a moment of life that how this moment will be if he/she had done things differently in the past. How this moment will affect their life in the future? The least we think of the time period is present, we forget to enjoy our moments happening right there in front of us.

The question is, why a person need to remember his past? Because if you forget your past you will not be able to learn from your experience & cannot do well if he faces the same situation again. …

We meet with different kind of people in our daily life. Some people attracts us so much that we want to be friends with them. We love hanging out with them, a bond is created with them, even our mindset is on the same level, we know each other well and these people are the one who become our best friends and we start feeling comfortable around them.

While some people have a good mindset, there mind vibes are good but still you are just friends with them because the of your minds do not match with each other as…

Every day starts with a new beginning and every new beginning has new things to learn. Outgoing with friends is the best thing to do to have a good day and make it a memorable once. The day of Sunday 25th of August 2019 started in that manner. I would not say that this is a tour with friends this is a tour with the family which I made during the 3 month period of Amal academy.

A tour was planned by some of the best fellows of our little family they have managed everything very well. We were told…

The single most important lesson I learnt from fellowship is to be specific in your actions. What you do? What do you think? Try to be specific in it.

I think it is very important and very helpful for a person to achieve a special goal. When you make your mind clear to do a work, be specific will help you to concentrate on it and not let your thinking divert. Similarly your actions also count for this and it should be specific.

“Taking a specific action on a regular interval or upon a certain trigger is referred to as…



A mentor is a person more experienced and trusted advisor. A mentor having more knowledge helps the person who is less experienced and have less knowledge. He guides the less experienced person in every problem and gives him confidence. The mentor may be from your field or from any other field.

A mentor is like a light in the dark.

“Meaning makes patience of pain, the gratitude of sorrow, cheerfulness of joy, and the key is to lasting joy”

Dr. Christina Hibbert

Identifying the purpose of your life is much more important than just living your life because if you live a life that has no purpose than you are not living your life you are just wasting the time on the earth and doing nothing except roaming around like fools.

The pains you bear in your life leads you towards the purpose of your life because you learn some lessons from that pain or hardship you face and you…

A young boy in the early age of life spent his whole savings to buy an ambulance with devotion to changing the world with that ambulance.

It was 1951 when Abdul Sattar Edhi Purchased an ambulance and ran it into streets of layyari to help the victims. At that time he didn’t even know what he wanted to do but he had a very clear perception in mind “To devote for Humanity”.

From purchasing a single ambulance to running the world's largest ambulance service, nursing homes, orphanages, clinics, women’s shelters and rehab centers for drug addicts and mentally ill individuals…

Running away from any problem only increases the distance from the solution. The easiest way to solve the problem is to solve it.

Be positive and be happy

Positive Thinking is not about expecting the best to happen every time but, accepting that WhatEver happens is the best for this moment

Positive thinking is very important to live a positive life. Everyone here wants to live a happy and free life. To live a happy life you have to be positive, with a negative mindset you cannot spend a positive life. You have to create a positive environment in your surroundings and to develop a positive mindset. Because life is 10% what happens to you and 90 % how you react to it…

Muhammad Bilal Zaman

Young and Passionate Environmental Engineer. Keen to learn new things, good team player and have effective communication skills.

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